Margorose (margorose) wrote in bayconcostumers,

I'll be there!

Yay, I'm coming to Baycon!

I haven't been in 13 years, since I had a baby on the Sunday of Memorial day weekend. That's meant every Mem day since has been taken up with kid parties, but this year he's granted me a pass. :D

I'm greatly looking forward to being at a Con without working a merchant table, or teaching a workshop, so I can wear whatever I want. No Elizabethan court gowns for me this year (unless I get really ambitious and finish the current one).

I can't wait!!!
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I'll be at Baycon as well. I don't know if we know each other, but I'll be teaching a couple of things. So come up and say "hello."
I don't think we've ever actually been introduced, which is strange, considering how much time we've spent at the same places at the same time! I'll do my best to look you up.
I thought it was odd as well. I'll be there being wheeled around to my panels. Look for big shiny boots.