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BayCon Costumers

An Ongoing Exercise in Masochism

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A gathering place for the many costumers who love to attend BayCon, a sci-fi/fantasy convention in San Jose, CA.

This is a place to:
- Ask for help with current costuming projects
- Brag up projects you've just completed
- Bounce ideas for presentations off people's noggins
- Froth at the mouth at some costume that's driving you buggy
- Generally chat about costuming, but if you can keep it focused on ideas you're working on for BayCon, that's great.
- Ditto for general chat about BayCon (especially things like hunting for roomies or proposing meetups), but if you can keep it focused on costuming, that's great.

This NOT a place to:
- Offer costumes/fabric/notions for sale (there are other communities for that)
- Solicit for costume-making services (ditto)
- Make posts not related, somehow, to BayCon.

There'll be a better bio online when the maintainer's not in a tizzy over - you guessed it - her BayCon projects.