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BayCon 2009 Masquerade Information!

Hello, All-

We've got some fantastic Special Sponsored Awards this year for the BayCon Saturday night Masquerade, and so we're getting the word out, in hopes of seeing lots of new entries this year!

This year the Masquerade will have special awards in the following categories:

Young Fan Special Awards – sponsored by Alter Ego Comics. Any young fan entry is eligible for these awards, and there are prizes, donated by Alter Ego Comics, for the winners! Alter Ego is also offering a special discount code for ALL BayCon attendees. Watch for it in your program book or newsletter!

Imagination Award – sponsored by Sideshow Collectibles. This award is for the costume design that best embodies the spirit of imagination. Artist Guest of Honor and former Disney Imagineer Tim Kirk will judge and present this award. All entries are eligible. There is a really special donated prize that comes with this award as well- the details are top secret, but trust me- it's shiny!

GBACG Rising Star – presented by the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild. All entries in the novice division are eligible.

GBACG Workmanship Award – presented by the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild. All entries in the novice division who select the optional workmanship judging are eligible.

SiliconWeb Dreamcatcher Award – presented by the Silicon Web Costumers' Guild. All entries with creative use of technical/special effects are eligible.

Director's Choice – an award of exploration gear suitable for furthering the career of intrepid adventure seekers. All entries are eligible.

Hall Costume Awards – Carole Parker and her team of roving judges will be honoring spectacular hall costuming efforts with special ribbons and opportunity for newsletter inclusion and other recognition.

The Lost Sky City of Pyrocumulon Award – sponsored by Baen Books. Recognizes the entry that best helps to explore and create the history, aesthetics, science, and magic of the city through costuming. Judged on originality, presentation, and how the entry relates to the theme. Entries must submit a special award form with up to a 100-word story or description that explains how their entry relates to the theme. There will be a prize, donated by Baen books, and a special presentation of this award that makes it well worth the entry- so put on your creative thinking hats, and really turn out something wonderful for Pyrocumulon!

Steampunk Award – sponsored by Foggy Night Jewelry Designs. This award is for the costume design that best embodies the Steampunk aesthetic. Open to all novice, journeyman and open division entries. Special Award donated by Foggy Night.

There is more information about Pyrocumulon, the Masquerade, and other highlights of BayCon 2009 at the website- There are downloadable versions of the form for entering the Masquerade, and the Special Entry form for the Best Mythical Being Award. There's also information about our extra-special half-time show during the Masquerade!

Just trust me, and come take a peek around there's new information going up almost every day about Guests, the Masquerade, and other events! Look for Programming Highlights to be coming soon!

Hope to see everyone at the Launch to explore Pyrocumulon!

-Kimmi Allbee
Programming Division Manager
BayCon 2009

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**Edited to include more, NEW Award categories and descriptions!
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