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Queen's dress stolen

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Queen's dress stolen from San Francisco:

Help! My San Francisco garage was ransacked Saturday night, November 18. Thieves stole the beautiful Queen's dress I've worn at Folsom Faire, The Revels and at Valhalla; to be more precise, they took the bodice, sleeves and overskirt.

Designed and made by Liz Martin, this unique purple (okay, aubergine) velvet confection—beaded and pearled to within an inch of its life by the fabulous women of St. Matthews Guild—weighs at least 30 pounds.

photos here

The SFPD is looking for it. The officers who took the report say it's likely to turn up since it's so unusual; one of the officers is a Faire fan and even asked about Dickens.

As you shop Bay Area costume and thrift shops for your pleasure this season, please keep an eye out for the dress. It's tough to miss. (Yes, we've had security issues before. I was taking the dress up to my Dad's for safekeeping at Thanksgiving. Sigh.)

Generous reward offered. Please spread the word.

Thanks so much.
Deborah Doyle

(she posted her cell phone number, but i thought it wise to not post it here. should you think that you have information or should you need more information, please contact SFPD)
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